The ultimate goal of ladder play is to be the player in the top position on the ladder. Also, the other goals are to provide an opportunity for players to have fun, meet some new players, and get a chance to work on improving their tennis game. All players will have volunteered to participate in the program, therefore, please display good sportsmanship by adhering to the guidelines set to govern fair play.
Each player must provide a telephone number (preferably mobile) and if possible an email address where he/she can easily be reached for setting up matches – the ability to text arrangements would be beneficial to the smooth running of the scheme.

The players should make all possible attempts to schedule the match at a convenient time.

1-The ladder runs on monthly bases, you must play all the players in your box.
2-Time, date and court should be mutually agreed upon.
3- Matches will consist of best of 8 games...
4- If the game reaches 7-7 then the final game (8th game) will be played as a tie-break         (first to 7 points, but you have to win by two clear points i.e.7-5; 8-6; etc.)
5-The court is booked for the hour, so if play doesn’t finish before the hour, finish respective game off and then record that as the final score
6- Balls are to be arranged by mutual agreement.
7- If a player fails to show or cancels without giving 24 hrs notices, he/she will forfeit the match. A grace period of 15 minutes will be allowed for late arrival.
8- Alternatively, if play finishes before the hour you may continue to play as a friendly.
9- As previously stated, at the end of the match the score have to be registered by the winner. Failure to do so may result in a mix up of the ladder.
10- At the end of the month the 2 last players move down to the lower box and the top 2 players move up to the higher box.
11- Courtesies – ten minute warm up .Please allow enough time for the pro set game.
12- Official OTA rules are to be applying to all matches.