The tennis Pro Shop is accessories and equipment from all the preferred names, and sometime souvenir tchotchkes galore. its floor staff can not only help you with picking out gear, but also sign you up for clinics and other happenings, as well as arrange for same-day racket stringing. whether you forgot your appropriate tennis attire or spot a snazzy new racket - or shoes, skirt or top  -- the staff at tennis Pro shop can get you ready for the courts.

Racket Restringing

How do I know if my racket needs restringing?
  • Check whether any of the strings have frayed. A frayed string will be close to breaking.
  • A loss in string tension is another reason to consider restringing. 
  • A loss in tension will reduce the amount of control and power you are able to generate, which will affect the performance of the racket.
  • Signs your strings have lost tension:
  • Your racket is beginning to feel `dead` or lifeless
  • You are having to swing harder to get the ball to go deeper
  • You make good contact with the ball but aren’t getting as many solid contacts
  • The sound has changed when making contact with the ball

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